About HausBoxx

HausBoxx was born from a continuous worry that "porch pirates" would steal my packages and the frustration that grocery companies would provide me with 2-hour windows for the delivery of my order. I was tired of asking my neighbors to pick up my packages and receive my groceries if I could not make it to the house on time. HausBoxx became my revolutionary idea that would give each one of us "peace of mind at your doorstep."

HausBoxx solves these problems. HausBoxx is a smart secure delivery bench that allows couriers to use patent pending technologies to first open, place their customers package and then securely lock their deliveries for safety. You can track each step with the secure corresponding phone app that cannot only keep track of expected packages but alerts the user when a new delivery arrives. HausBoxx keeps perishable deliveries cool. Added features allow you to select interchangeable outer covers to provide better camouflaging or personalization options so that HausBoxx looks like it was made just for your Haus or is hiding in plain sight.


HausBoxx allows you to order products and groceries online to be delivered safely and securely when you are not home. Home delivery has come a long way and the number of people that rely heavily on the convenience it offers continues to grow rapidly. Some delivery services offer windows of time when your order will be received, but waiting at home for 2 or more hours could be an interruption to your day. With HausBoxx you do not have to worry about planning your life around your deliveries. HausBoxx allows you to plan your days without interruptions and takes the burden off of you.


HausBoxx is equipped with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism as well as anchor system to attach to concrete, asphalt or wood. It only unlocks when a delivery person uses our patent-pending technology. HausBoxx provides you with log of activities through the app. HausBoxx is made from heavy duty plastic, an insulated aluminum interior, and is rust and waterproof to withstand the elements of weather.


HausBoxx has a corresponding iOS application (Android to be added soon) that links your HausBoxx to your app and alerts you when someone has access to it. It also allows you to give access to anyone from anywhere.
Unlike most other products on the market now, HausBoxx is capable of receiving personal, local or mailed packages with the ability to track them with a mobile app.

Perfect for Groceries

HausBoxx is fully insulated and is perfect for your grocery orders. Freezer packs ensure that your perishables are kept at a minimum of 40 degrees until you get home. This allows you to order groceries and have the freedom to get home late, run an errand, or pick up your kids, instead of waiting during the dreaded “2-hour delivery window.” Just insert the cold freezer packs, send the 4-digit code that is generated by the app to your grocery delivery company, and you are free to go with not a worry on your mind!